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The motivation… to do.

Every planning session and company retreat has the desired results of better understanding of the culture, clear vision and direction, goals both short-term and long-term as well as a shared commitment to action. The Strategy and Leadership team has the tools and processes to bring out the key insights and wisdom within each participant. We have the skills and experience to focus your time on the correct questions that move the group to decisions and then to action. Our planning processes bring results – a committed and energized team, clear focus and direction, and specific action plans. Your desired results become reality.

Strategic Planning
Shared focus and direction.
One team, two days and the right strategic planning process combine to give you the vision, direction and momentum you need to take massive action. And it’s built on consensus so the focus and direction are shared.

Organizational Planning
What will we accomplish this year?
Organizational planning focuses on answering that question. We provide the process that allows a group to answer it quickly and clearly.

Company/Team Retreats
Is it worth the investment?
Absolutely! And we will customize your time away to provide the greatest impact to drive your organization to success.

Data Gathering
Find out what others are thinking or doing.
We will design and use the best tool for your needs in a short time frame, yielding you quick, accurate data and information.

Project Planning
Focused action.
Regardless of your project’s size, scope or complexity, it is important to move your team quickly to focused action.


– Josh Collum,  CEO ,
Sorted Noise