Our History 

In 1996 we knew there was a better way to run companies and lead others. Started as Management Solutions Group, LLC we helped companies and organizations move from a command and control orientation to one where information sharing, creating structures of empowerment and accountability, and supporting leadership development positioned companies and leaders to win. We started out doing mostly facilitation and training in management topics. We found that clients wanted our “higher order thinking skills” (coined by an early client) and we moved into business advising for start up and growth companies. With Liz’s background in social work, coaching was a natural fit. Over the past 17 years it has become clear that we work in two areas: strategy and leadership. So in 2013, we changed our name to Strategy and Leadership, LLC.

Our work has evolved into planning, capacity building, advising, coaching, and leadership development. This is built on the understanding that the answer to success lies within the organization and that strong relationships, asking powerful questions, and the use of tested tools result in strong companies and leaders. Our success is built on the experience of having engaged with thousands of leaders and over 500 teams in all areas of business and life. Lead. Think. Do.