Organizational Planning slide-3

What will we accomplish this year?

Organizational planning focuses on answering that question and we provide the process that allows a group to answer it quickly and clearly.

By bringing the key people within your organization together to plan for the year, you create a culture that supports effective interaction, reduces duplication of effort, establishes trust and ensures that everyone is working toward the same goals. Key people may include your management team, a department or your whole organization. No group is too large or too small. We have worked with two partners and groups of 400.

Our interactive processes support creative and practical thinking, moving to an action plan built on consensus.

The result: A focused plan with your key people committed to implementation.



“Thank you for using your skillful and effective methods to direct our Issue Council discussions. While observing the dynamics of the incredibly diverse group in each session, I was amazed at your ability to guide us through the process. Our goals were immense, our hearts were passionate, and our wills were strong(!!!) and yet you managed to utilize these disparate things to form a collaborative discussion that encouraged and supported the participation of every individual in the group.

As a group, we did fine work. As a member of the group, I learned more than I imagined possible. Thank you for your service to our Council. Your professional, unobtrusive guidance was masterful.”

Marsha M. Shields, President, McCombs Foundation & Co-Chair, Issue Council – United Way of San Antonio & Bexar County