Individual Strategic Planning

Over the years, we have found that sometimes we need to set a new direction.

Clarity and focus for your life.

Strategy and Leadership has worked with hundreds of companies to develop their strategic plans. And just as companies realize the need to think strategically about their futures, business owners and leaders are also seeing the value in designing their own individual strategic plans.

The planning process develops clear directions for your future and the concrete steps needed for implementation. The process takes into consideration all aspects of your life, including work, career, relationships, home, family, and leisure. At the end of the three sessions you will walk away with a clear plan and detailed steps. The plan is documented and returned to you within three days.


Who is it for?

Business leaders and owners, CEOs and other corporate leaders, entrepreneurs, students, as well as anyone thinking about a career or life change.

What happens during the planning?

The process takes 5-8 hours and can be done in one session or over three sessions. Session format is as follows:
1. Context setting: Where are you now?
2. Designing your practical vision.
3. Identifying barriers to your vision.
4. Creating the strategic directions and implementation plan.