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Is it worth the investment?

Taking your team or whole company away for a day or two is expensive. Not only is there the cost of a site, food, travel and facilitator, but the cost of the lost work time as well.   Is it worth it? Yes! Strategy and Leadership will customize your time away to provide the greatest impact to drive your organization to success.

The focus of your retreat varies based on:

  • Your company’s development level
  • Changes in your environment
  • Employee make-up and needs

The outcomes from a company or team retreat can include:

  • Developing and clarifying the goals of your organization or team.
  • Assigning roles and responsibility to create a culture of accountability.
  • Creating or refining the processes of providing your service or product.
  • Strengthening individual skills and motivation.
  • Improving the way your team or organization works together.

Through our interactive approach, your company’s expectations and norms are made ‘visible’ so they are understood and shared. Team members feel valued as their insights and ideas are honored and heard throughout the retreat. And every retreat includes fun and celebration!

Strategy and Leadership also offers a variety of style assessments that provide individual and group awareness, paving the way for improved communication and increased trust.

So, is it worth the investment? Yes, if you seek greater profits, improved productivity, higher retention, new energy and greater commitment from your human resources.



Joe Saba, Board Member,
PMA Music